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As Divine guidance often does, it began flowing through my dreams. I'd awaken in the morning feeling like I'd dreamt all night about western herbs through a TCM energetic lens. My Spirit was curious all day and night how I could apply the herbs I love so passionately in a way that made sense to me.


I began to study and practice this approach very devoutly and found it to be amazingly effective, much to my delight! After years of witnessing this approach work time and time again it was time to start sharing my experiences. I'm excited to share with you the birth of this creation. 

Details below or follow the link to the course 'Western Herbs through the Lens of TCM' for more info. 


In this 5.5 hour self-paced course you'll learn:


~25 common western herbs (many of which might be growing in your yard!), their therapeutic applications and Traditional Chinese medicine energetics (hot, cold, drying, moistening, etc.) 

~20 formulas and 15 fun recipes to effectively alleviate common conditions such as digestive upsets, sleep difficulties, stress, headaches, mental/emotional struggles, gynecological imbalances, coughs, colds, and more. 

~How to safely and comfortably use herbs in clinical practice and/or for your friends and family 


~5. 5 CEUs available 


~Lifetime access to the course which includes video lessons and a full-color 96 page guidebook with detailed monographs of the herbs, methods of preparation, the recipes and formulas, and more! 

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