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Meet Dr. Kayla Moberg - Acupuncturist & Herbalist

The Healing Hearth was born from an innate, life-long interest in holistic healing. This natural passion lead Kayla to various different trainings in aromatherapy, reiki, massage, and birth and postpartum doula training before discovering the school of her dreams.

Kayla began her studies in Western Herbal Medicine at Pacific Rim College and earned a Diploma of Phytotherapy in 2012. This 3-year program is considered the most comprehensive program of Western Herbal Medicine available in North America, and consists of both traditional knowledge and modern day, scientific-based knowledge.

While at Pacific Rim College, she quickly and passionately fell in love with the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the profound effects it can have on the physical, mental, emotional and spirit levels. This inspired her to continue her studies and she went on to earn a Diploma of Acupuncture, a Diploma of Oriental Herbal Medicine, and completed her studies as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is now a faculty member at Pacific Rim College where she teaches gynecology, pediatrics, advanced herbal medicine, foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, and various other herbal medicine courses including her own that she created (see 'herb course' page for more information). 

A dedicated yoga practice over the past decade led her to India twice to immerse herself in this ancient spiritual tradition. On her first trip, she completed a yoga teacher training and returned a year later to teach yoga and do volunteer acupuncture at a charitable hospital through the ashram she was living at. The profound effects that herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and yoga have had on her life are what inspired her to study these ancient healing traditions and in a desire to make health care accessible to all she offers treatments on a sliding scale to those in need. Kayla is deeply passionate about helping women connect to their innate healing potential. 

Her truest passion is women's health and her continued education studies are focused in this area. She is currently studying under Aviva Romm, herbalist, midwife, and medical doctor, completing a Women's Herbal Educator program as well as Jane Lyttleton's course 'The Treatment of Infertility - Complete Course'. 

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