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Acupuncture Clinic Brentwood Bay & Victoria BC

Kayla is passionately dedicated to the path of holistic health and well-being and focuses her practice on women's health and acupuncture in Brentwood Bay & Victoria B.C.  She uses herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, bodywork, and lifestyle support in a caring and compassionate way. Although her practice is focused on women's health, all genders are warmly welcome. 

Kayla is deeply committed to her patients, and nurturing people's health and well-being brings her immense joy. There is an expansive array of conditions that can be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine 


C1-7159 West Saanich Rd

Brentwood Bay, BC
V8M 1P7



Monday 12-6
Thursday 12-6

*If these days/times don't work for you, alternate arrangements can be made. Please call 778-679-6890
or email 

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