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Labour Preparation Acupuncture

Labour preparation acupuncture is relaxing, safe, and wonderfully effective to help reduce rates of medical induction, caesarean section, and interventions such as epidurals; promotes a faster, smoother, less painful labour, and creates feelings of calmness. Women find these treatments very relaxing and beneficial while inspiring faith in their bodies and the birthing process. 💜

Labour preparation acupuncture treatments are recommended weekly from 36 weeks onward. Commonly known as ‘cervical ripening’, these treatments help facilitate smooth labour by softening and ripening the cervix, relaxing the pelvic floor muscles to allow more space for baby, increasing blood circulation to the uterus, encouraging baby to descend into the birth canal in the proper position, promoting the release of oxytocin which helps the uterine muscles effectively contract when needed, and calming the nervous system to ease nervousness, fear, and anxiety. Acupuncture can also safely be used to induce labour when the birthing time has arrived, or is past due. 

Any other symptoms a woman might be experiencing in late pregnancy such as heartburn, sleep difficulties, back/hip pain, swollen hands and feet, leg cramps, and headaches can also be addressed and alleviated during labour preparation acupuncture treatments. 

Research shows that labour preparation acupuncture treatments:

1)Reduce the time spent in the first stage labor (the period of time between 3cm dilated and full dilation) by an average of 2 hours

2)Reduce the number of inductions in first time Mama’s by 43% and 35% in all others

3)Reduce rates of epidural usage by 31%

4)Reduce emergency C-section rates by 32%

5)Increase vaginal birth rates by 9%

See research here and click 'read full text' on the right hand side.

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